Nicole Weniger
Nicole Weniger

Animal Performances is an ongoing performance-series that started in Vienna, 2010.

The currently increasing rural depopulation is noticeable not only in the human domain but also the animal realm. Urban space has a lot to offer. An excess of foodstuffs makes the search for nourishment much easier for animals, which has lead, amongst other things, to species diversity becoming richer in cities than it is in the countryside. In Animal Performances, various animals that have immigrated to the city make public appearances and attempt to appropriate the urban space in an absurd fashion.

Nicole WenigerNicole WenigerNicole WenigerNicole WenigerNicole WenigerNicole Weniger

Wormperformance, urban spricht kunst, Innsbruck, 2013

Jellyfishperformance, Isarsprudel, Performancefestival, Munich, 2012

Cockroackperformance, Puplic Space, Istanbul, 2011

Ravenperpeformance, Showesque pt. 3, Dondrine, Vienna, 2011

Storkperformance, Jennyfair, Ausstellungsstraße, Vienna, 2011

Moleperformance, MUSA, mascfoundation, Vienna, 2010

Deerperformance, Public space, Vienna, 2010

Birdperformance, Mapping the Terminal, CAT Terminal, Vienna, 2010

Nicole WenigerNicole Weniger

photos by Thomas Albdorf, Vincent Bauer, Florian Garber, Janos Karpati,

Ricardo Macedo, Patrik Muchenberger, Reinhard Öfele, Selim Süme

Carbon prints, limited edition